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There is no one ´cure´ for dysfluency or stammering. Your treatment would be tailored to you and your own unique way of talking and expressing yourself. Speech and Language therapy would involve a number of different methods and techniques to address your stammer directly and indirectly to support more fluent and stutter free speaking.

Everyone has a certain amount of dysfluency. You are not alone with this!

Together we would work with a variety of techniques to help you including:

- fluency shaping techniques which focus upon reducing or eliminating stuttering events and helping you to speak more fluently at all times

- stuttering modification techniques which focus on reducing the dysfluencies as they occur. This kind of approach would entail us looking at the physical and more psychological aspects of stammering and developing ways together, to reduce these barriers to your fluent speech.

Please get in touch for more information or for an informal chat.

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