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With my experience of working with children, young people and adults who have speech, language and communication difficulties, and as a specialist in voice along with my experience with mindfulness and compassion based meditation practices, I can offer a range of training and consultation packages:


  • Whole school training to teachers and teaching assistants on speech, language and communication needs (SCLN)

  • Whole school training to teachers on voice care

  • Training other professionals about speech, language and communication difficulties e.g. health professionals, GPs

  • Voice workshops/training packages for professional voice users such as teachers, sales people, entrepreneurs, presenters, fitness instructors on how to best look after the voice

  • corporate training for communication skills training and vocal training

  • poetry, songwriting, singing workshops

  • Mindfulness and compassion practices and training workshops for health professionals and business/corporate

Please get in touch with any queries regarding training and I would be delighted to talk with you...

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