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What is mindfulness and compassion and why practice?


Mindfulness is an innate faculty within us all. In order to tune into our own innate faculty, it is necessary to settle our unsettled minds. The basic principal of how to do this is by focusing on our breath, with the intention to fully attend to whatever arises, with an accepting attitude of compassion towards ourselves.

Mindfulness is a quality of “being” with what “is” whilst applying an attitude of loving acceptance, to ourselves. It can be described as ´knowing what is happening while it is happening, no matter what is´(Nairn). Mindfulness is ´awareness or clear seeing´ and the practice of it develops skills of ´intentionally paying attention to the present moment´(Kabat-Zinn).

my training

  • Post graduate training in Mindfulness Studies, Aberdeen University, 2010-2012

  • Teacher training in mindfulness, Mindfulness Association, 2017

  • Training with Youth Mindfulness, 2017

Get in touch if you would like to try mindfulness and compassion one to one sessions, or have a group of people who you would like to discover more about mindfulness and compassion practices.

For individuals, groups, schools, business.

One to one mindfulness sessions are offered in school, at home and on line.

Mindfulness can be incorporated into Speech and language therapy session/s, voice session/s, or can be offered as stand alone session/s. 

Join me on Youtube for a meditation...

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